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Experience the fullness of Him, so you can experience the wholeness of you!


The Showbread Table is a "non-clinical" experience that believes everyone deserves a safe place to be heard. Your story matters and we want to hear it. Your testimony is a weapon against the enemy. It's time for you to overcome and we want to help! At the table, our spirit-filled team is eager to hear your story, invite the Holy Spirit and release God's restorative power. We're ready to meet you at the table! 


Your story needs to be told! We believe there is power in testimony and in sharing the goodness of God. We value connection because Jesus did. Along our journey, we have found that true connection is oftentimes elusive, but with intent and purpose, it can be accomplished. This is why The Showbread Table is the perfect place for you to connect.


God’s presence is a vital part of everyone’s journey into wholeness. No one knows us better than The One who's formed us. Regardless of our faith, the hardships we face in life will try to break us. At the table, we recognize the presence of God with us and give him full permission

to do his work.


Restoration happens when the readiness of a person intersects with the willingness of the

Holy Spirit.

 We know that apart from God we can do nothing. And it’s his desire that we are made whole. We simply invite the Spirit of God and give him full permission to bring healing.

Making no assumptions or judgements, we understand that each circumstance is unique and we will make every effort to engage in a manner that is led by the Spirit.

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